Voice of Customer – Upper Mid-Market PE Firm

Voice of Customer Survey in Consumer Services


The client is a regular customer of ours, completing over 40 commercial diligences across their deal teams with us in the last 12 months. As part of our regular work for the client, we help their deal teams source interviews with customers across consumer, tech, healthcare, and government.


For this project, the client came to us to help survey and interview a large number of customers, competitor customers, and potential customers for an acquisition they were looking to move ahead with. They needed to find consumers who had a specific set of regrets that made them a fit for the service provided by the target acquisition.


We created a range of social media marketing campaigns, from campaign creatives and copy through to the technical advertising and targeting.

Using our company as an intermediate, we ran these ads to collect data and source the interviews for the client. We were able to collect over 3,000 detailed responses for the client for advertising costs below $0.6 per respondent.

The client was then able to act as an Unequal Outcome employee, to conduct blinded interviews directly.


The client received thousands of data points and over 50 customer interviews for an incredibly low cost of acquisition. The data we collected gave the company increased conviction in their investment hypothesis, and was an important part of the decision to move ahead with the acquisition.