Our services

A list of our services can be found below. We work with the following sectors:

  • Private Equity
  • Healthcare
  • SaaS
  • IoT
  • Business and Consumer Services

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Market insights

We help clients understand their audiences better. Through Voice of Customer interviews, surveys, and desktop analysis of trends, headwinds and tailwinds we ensure our customers have access to the nuanced, often ‘off-market’ information they need to outcompete their competition. See past projects…



We help clients understand their competition better. How they are priced, how they are positioned, how their sales and marketing processes work, evaluation of their technical and service differentiation, and any untapped opportunities to compete more effectively. See past projects…


New market Entry

We help clients enter new markets successfully. Our blend of commercial, legal and supply chain experience helps us identify international opportunities, understand legislative, regulatory and licensing regimes, and evaluate suppliers, distributors and re-sellers. See past projects…


Strategy & Action

We help clients devise an effective growth strategy that is both stage and resource appropriate. Unlike many consultants, as former operators, sales people and marketers, we also roll up our sleeves when it comes to implementing these strategies if required. See past projects…

Our clients: