Project – PE/Healthcare SaaS

Competitive Benchmarking for Healthcare SaaS


The client was the director of the growth team of a leading healthcare-focused private equity firm. We were brought in to support in the development of the wider growth strategy for the portfolio company. The portfolio company had made a number of acquisitions to complement its technical offering, and was looking to update their go-to-market strategy.


The client was working on a long term project alongside the executive team of the portfolio company to update the company’s growth strategy in light of the acquisitions. These acquisitions had introduced new pricing models, new competitors, and new sales and marketing approaches in horizontal markets to compete against.

The client needed to understand how their portfolio company was positioned in the market, how their competitors priced themselves and sold against the portfolio company, and how the portfolio company’s sales and marketing process compared with the competition – including recommendations on how to be more competitive.


We conducted a mix of interviews and desktop research to evaluate the pricing, positioning and sales and marketing process of both vertical and horizontal competitors.

Interviews were conducted with the sales teams at all major vertical and horizontal competitors, and details collected on their process and pricing.

Desktop research was performed to evaluate the market position, marketing effectiveness, and traffic sources of each competitor, as well as the client themselves.


The client was provided with call transcripts, marketing materials from each competitor, an Excel breakdown of competitor pricing – including a pricing calculator for packaged services, and a range of executive summary and strategy documents aimed at different stakeholders within the business to support sales transformation, marketing transformation, and pricing transformation.