Project – Financial Services Firm

Growth Strategy for Mid-sized Financial Services Firm


The client is a fast-growing mid-sized financial services firm in the United States serving a mixture of SaaS and non-SaaS businesses with accounting and CFO services.


The client came to us initially to support their business development efforts. The original scope of work was to produce and updated Account Based Marketing strategy and the materials to support its implementation. That brief has since expanded to cover the overall growth strategy for the business, both on the marketing and hiring sides of the business. *This is an ongoing project, so some details are withheld.


We have developed a comprehensive trust-based marketing strategy for the client. This approach operates on the principle of the ‘delayed sale’, leading instead with value for prospective customers without pitching for business up front.

We overhauled the existing Account Based Marketing strategy and implemented a new approach that began to deliver immediately, after a period of no results.

We also implemented a wide range of marketing tactics across the client’s owned media, such as fresh lead magnets, high value offers, and sharper calls to action. This was part of a larger strategic evaluation of the client’s marketing funnel.

We implemented a new sourcing and hiring approach that, like the Account Based Marketing, immediately began to deliver better results. In a notoriously difficult market for companies outside the Top 20 firms to recruit talent in, our client has been able to recruit four senior Controllers in the space of a few months.


The relationship continues to go from strength to strength. The client is enjoying a period of significant growth, and is able to recruit the right talent to match the opportunities being created. The client is on an upward trend across both marketing and hiring, and has taken a substantial step towards their aggressive growth targets.