Project – Defense & Security Technology

Market insights/Analogue Analysis


The client is a human security company listed on the NASDAQ, and the world leader in AI weapons detection. The company develops advanced barrier and screening systems to detect weapons and other threats at major venues and airports around the world. The company is at the forefront of weapons detection innovation and threat detection in crowded environments.


The client came to us to help address a technical and practical issue they were attempting to solve. Existing barrier technology, while incredibly effective at reducing threats, has a tendency to slow throughput of crowds into venues, airports and other built up spaces.

The client wanted to understand the technical opportunity around ticketless access. The client therefore wanted a comprehensive analysis of biometric and other longer range access technologies, their deployment to date, and their potential for incorporation (physically) into existing barrier systems.

The client had a secondary outcome, should a suitable technology be identified, which was to acquire or partner with a technology manufacturer. Our brief included the evaluation of the manufacturers of suitable technologies to produce a shortlist of potential partners and acquisitions.

Actions taken

Drawing on our background in IoT and remote sensing, we were able to quickly get up to speed on the state of the biometrics market and other ticketless technologies such as RFID, as well as more experimental forms of near-field and mid-field remote identification.

We initially conducted a broad market scan to evaluate which technologies were technically, commercially and pragmatically suited to the client’s existing hardware.

Having identified technology categories that were appropriate to investigate, we broke down technologies by type, providing a detailed analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of each technology category based on its ease of technical integration, it’s commercial viability, and the pragmatic consideration of how much introducing such a technology would actually speed up ingress in practise.

For each category, we conducted a comprehensive market scan of companies developing these technologies. We recorded these companies, as well as their level of capitalization, key decision makers, and contact information for those decision makers.


The client received a detailed commercial and technical analysis of the ticketless technology landscape. Commentary was provided assessing the suitability of each technology type for integration into the client’s existing hardware. Suitable partners and acquisitions were identified, and ordered in terms of attractiveness to the client. The client was also provided with the direct contact details for each of the key decision makers within a potential partner company or acquisition.