Project – B2B Voice of Customer for PE firm

Voice of Customer Interviews – B2B Martech


The client was a VP in the B2B software deal team at a leading mid-market private equity firm. The firm was conducting commercial due diligence on a large MarTech firm providing enterprise intent data to thousands of clients globally.


The deal was in an advanced state when the client came to us. The client was looking to conduct 20+ in depth customer interviews with B2B sales and marketing executives (VP and above) at enterprise technology companies in the course of about two weeks – with the Thanksgiving weekend neatly tucked in the middle of this period. The client asked us to source and conduct these interviews on their behalf ahead of an investment committee.


Using our tech stack we were able to quickly pull together a list of suitable executives. Drawing on our sales experience, we were able to create copy for a campaign that would land immediately. Given the shortened timeframe and additional complexity of the holidays, we knew we needed to land with our first communication, as there was limited time for follow up touches.

We started the outbound campaign within 12 hours of receiving the go ahead from the customer, and had already completed our first interview within 24 hours.

We managed the campaign through to completion, documenting each interview as we went.


We conducted 36 half-hour interviews in the space of 9 working days. We documented these in detail in individual Word documents, providing the client with detail insight into the product’s target audience. We also provided a summary Excel capturing the headline information from each interview. Finally, we provided a polished PowerPoint presentation synthesising the information collected from the interviews for the client. The client was then able to use this for their presentation to their LPs, making the case for an investment that ultimately went ahead.