Growth Strategy – Luxury Goods Boutique


The company is a hybrid online/brick-and-mortar boutique selling high end consumer goods in the United States. The client came to us with a number of problems that they had been unable to solve for several years. These problems spanned both their online revenue streams and their in-store streams.


The client had two main problems they were looking to solve with this engagement.

  1. They had been unable to expand their online revenue sources beyond a single platform – Amazon.
  2. Their brick-and-mortar stores were highly dependent on seasonal, domestic (US) tourist trade, despite being open year round.

The client had tried many different strategies to grow revenue, but had been stuck at the same level for several years, despite investing heavily in growth.


We devised a multi-layer online and offline growth strategy for the client. First and foremost, we introduced a number of in-store initiatives, both human and marketing-based. With these we were able to capture contact information in store for approximately 13% of visitors that did not make a purchase across the client’s locations. These visitors were placed on an email marketing list, allowing us to remain in contact and continue the value-added sales approach they’d experienced in store once they were no longer visiting the area. This same consultative selling/in-store lead magnet approach increased in-store conversions by 4%.

We then used this large email list as the basis of our online strategy – for email marketing, look-alike audiences, and ad targeting. Due to the very positive in-store experience we created, we were able to create a very effective referral marketing scheme for the client. This was centred around a range of offers and incentives that built on information collected in store. We created highly segmented campaigns, and with these were able to drive a referral rate of over 3% on average.

Finally, using a superior understanding of the client’s audience as a result of the in-store work, we were able to increase website conversions through social media marketing by over 200% almost immediately.


As a result of our work together over the course of 6 months, the client saw 3 new revenue channels added to their business – email marketing, referral marketing, and advertising. This was complimented by an uplift in in-store sales as well. Overall, our work added hundreds of thousands of dollars per week to the client’s revenue, the first meaningful increase in revenue their business had seen in several years.