Competitive Analysis

Introduction Competitive analysis is a vast subject. Like many business topics, it means different things to different people. For graduates of an MBA program, the term most likely conjures up vague memories of Porter’s Five Forces, and the difference between structural analysis of an industry versus the competitiveness of a business within that industry. For … Read more

Due Diligence Consulting

Due diligence consulting is a core part of our offering here at Unequal Outcome. We leverage the skills we use for our growth advisory work to supplement deal teams and support executives in assessing acquisitions. Our due diligence consulting services We perform a number of services integral to the commercial due diligence process for our … Read more

Private Equity Due Diligence

Due diligence for Private Equity Introduction This post covers the diligence process that private equity firms go through when evaluating an acquisition. Private equity due diligence differs from investment banking ‘buy side’ diligence in a number of important ways. Not least, it is often less arduous, as a private equity firm is either acquiring a … Read more

Analogue Analysis

Analogue Analysis Introduction This post discusses a form of research we increasingly find ourselves asked to perform by private equity clients. Analogue analysis is when you look for parallels in adjacent markets that might offer a roadmap, or at least an indication, of what trajectory a product may take. Analogue analysis can be very helpful … Read more

Buy Side Due Diligence

Buy Side Due Diligence Introduction This article looks at buy side due diligence. This is the process undertaken by investors and business owners looking to acquire some or all of the equity in a company. There are two ‘sides’ to diligence – the ‘buy side’ and the ‘sell side’. Buy side vs sell side The … Read more

Commercial Due Diligence

A complete guide to commercial due diligence Introduction Commercial due diligence is a critical part of buying or investing in a company. For a deal to take place, a seller must be able to satisfy their prospective buyer that the business is sound, customers are happy and the company can continue to grow. This guide … Read more