Our background

Unequal Outcome is a research and strategy company working with firms across private equity, healthcare, SaaS, IoT, and professional and consumer services.

Formed in 2020 following the success of Opus Growth Partners, Unequal Outcome was created to serve the increasing demands from venture-backed clients to provide additional consultancy services.

Our research and data-driven approach to growth had lead to us being pulled ever deeper into our clients’ businesses. “What should I do about X”? had become an almost daily question.

Over time, these customers recommended us into their networks and investors. Unequal Outcome grew as a practice, and now serves some of the leading firms globally across our target sectors.


We are not career consultants. We started out as, and remain, operators building companies with skin-in-the-game. Everything we do is tried and tested.


Over the past 15 years in business we’ve built companies, attracted funding from some of the world’s top investors for ourselves and our clients, and worked across almost every industry sector. Our customers range from major household names to startups trying to get to market.

We’ve sold things

Unlike many consultants, we’ve practised what we preach. We’ve relied on our own research and strategies to develop products, market and sell to some of the largest enterprises and institutions around the world. We’ve done it for real, with our livelihoods on the line, across government, enterprise, small business and consumer.

Consulting toolkit

To that operational experience, we’ve added the most useful lessons from a classical business school education. We combine the traditional consulting toolkit with hard-nosed business experience – with over a decade of consistent profitability to show for it.

Research & Strategy


Unequal Outcome

Managing Director

Hugo Stride


Hugo Stride is the Managing Director of Unequal Outcome. As a business owner Hugo has built companies delivering SaaS, IoT, defense & security, retail analytics and smart city technology, as well as agency services. These companies have attracted investment offers from leading angels and VCs around the world.

Hugo’s career also includes a period working for the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office in Ukraine, where he worked in an analytical/diplomatic role. As a researcher and strategist he has operated at the highest levels of government, as well as working alongside some of the largest investment funds in the world.

Hugo originally studied Law at University College London, before going on to study data science. Hugo speaks fluent Russian, as well as Mandarin, Spanish and French.