I help investors and business owners to collect insights and information from customers and competitors. This could be to refine an existing product or launch a new one, improve marketing and sales performance, set or benchmark pricing, or to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of competitors.

One way or another, my career for the past 14 years has been spent in the collection and analysis of information – particularly as it pertains to people and their behaviours. My focus is obtaining the information that allows owners and investors to better identify, understand, produce for and communicate to the wants and needs of individuals.


A bit more about me

My career spans private enterprise and government advisory, as well as spells with military intelligence and in diplomatic service. I am both quantitatively and qualitatively expert, with qualifications in law and data science. I am sector agnostic with regards to the projects I work on. Recent projects span everything from skin care for babies through to AI for binary program analysis.

I have built several companies around the collection and analysis of behavioural data, with clients as diverse as Toyota and the Mayor of London, Live Nation and Special Forces, individual farmers and global top 20 professional services firms.

I have developed and launched IoT systems for smart cities, retail analytics, and covert security, and worked on marketing campaigns that have generated billions of dollars in opportunities for clients. I am fundamentally concerned with the question of what people will do under a given set of circumstances, and how to take a position based on that information.

Ultimately, what I do is help my clients collect and analyse the information they need to make high probability bets in uncertain circumstances. To that end, I am retained by many of the world’s leading PE firms, well-known management consultancies, and work with a wide range of companies, both large and small.

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What my clients say


Below is some of the project feedback from the work I've undertaken. This is a small snapshot of the total work I've done.

Case studies, testimonials, and work samples are available on request. Please get in touch and request my information pack if you'd like to see more.

Hugo is responsive, proactive, and a pleasure to work with. Look forward to working together again

Kevin Y
Leading PE firm

Hugo is a great person and consultant, his insights are unique and impactful. I highly recommend him for any kind of project. He has a deep understanding of strategic marketing and development. He is also an accomplished entrepreneur that gives him an advantage of understanding both the company and the client.

Jorge R
Small business owner

Hugo’s range of marketing skills is exceptional. The campaign he wrote us fundamentally changed our business. Ultra responsive and a very creative thinker.

Karly C
Leading Financial Services firm

Hugo and team were great to work with – highly recommend

Ben H
PE-backed manufacturer

Hugo and his team worked with the marketing team of a portfolio group to solve significant roadblocks. They were a pleasure to work with and delivered results immediately. We look forward to continuing the relationship.

Victoria J
Mid-market PE firm

Hugo is smart, thoughtful and an original thinker. He has a broad range of experience that he uses to great effect. His work for us has had a double digit impact on our turnover.

Matthew L
Accounting firm

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