My services

What I offer

Below is a brief summary of the services I offer my clients. If you would like more information about me, or my work, please contact me and request an information pack.
Voice of customer
Voice of customer interview sourcing for B2B and B2C. Clients often come to me for this type of support when they have hard to reach business audiences, or consumer audiences. My team and I have a long track record of delivering where platforms like GLG, AlphaSights and others fail.
Market research
I often help clients with both desktop and marketing-based research to attempt to quantify events and opportunities for their businesses. This ranges widely from novel technologies and their application to the client's business, through to testing market demand for a new product or service line.
Competitive intelligence
Clients come to me to discretely understand whether a problem they have is replicated across their competitors. This could be as simple as high rates of staff or audience attrition, or something more nuanced requiring deeper investigation. This typically involves a range of primary and secondary research.

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